Annual Auction

Below is a catalog of all the auction items we have received as of 11/1. Scroll down to peruse online or print and peruse later. Scroll down to the last page to see an Events Calendar.


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You’re Invited


A Caribbean Escape. We’re bringing an island vibe to the festivities this year, so…think cruise ship…think island music…think Spanish Paella by our chef, Marilyn Holmes.


All UUCSR members and friends. You don’t need to have a large disposable income or a good-lookin’ date or a fancy outfit. Let’s all escape together!


November 5. Doors open at 5:00 PM. Wine bar and bidding also open then.


Our Annual Auction is the best opportunity we have all year to enjoy each other’s company in a party atmosphere. Obviously it’s also about helping to fund our mission at UUCSR. Does that get your attention? Making this a successful fundraiser involves you!

  • Think about what you have to donate. Everyone has something to give whether it be a talent, a treasure, or a to-do of some sort. We’ll have donation forms available soon.
  • Ask a business that you frequent for a donation to our auction. This is easier than it sounds. Many businesses are used to this kind of request and consider it good advertising or just want to support their community. They may well surprise you and say, “Sure, we donate to non-profits all the time.” Below is a solicitation letter that tells about UUCSR and gives donors our Tax ID for their records.
  • Volunteer to work at the event. It takes around 50 volunteers to run this event, but most jobs take up only a small part of the evening. If you can help, email Dee Ray at

~Dee Ray, Auction Chair

Below you will find in PDF form for printing or Word doc form:

  • a donation form for either a business OR your own personal donation
  • a letter for soliciting donations from area businesses

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