Sunday Service July 16, 2023

“Spheres of Sanctuary”

We are called to create physical, emotional, social, and spiritual sanctuary spaces for ourselves and others–to be agents of sanctuary in the wider world. Together we will look at how we create spheres of sanctuary and how to live as bastions of sanctuary in the greater community.
Service Leaders/Guest: Gage Purdy
Worship Associate: Cathie Weise
Music: Gage MC
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors


Sunday Service July 9, 2023

“Origin Stories: The Journey of the Universe”

No one knows for sure how the world and life came to be, but that doesn’t stop humans from wondering, from seeking explanations for the great mysteries of life. Ever more complex tools of scientific inquiry – like the James Webb telescope – continually add details to our origin story. What does this story mean for us humans and the inhabitants of our precious Earth? Can a sense of wonder help us face the challenges of today – and tomorrow? Let’s explore together!

“Guest” Service Leader: Rev. Susan Panttaja
Worship Associate: Eric Fischer
Music: Alan Bell
Pianist: Roger Corman
The Basket: Our own Religious Education Program


Sunday Service July 2, 2023

“What Happened at our General Assembly?”

Reflections from the Delegates who represented UUCSR at our UUA General Assembly.
Service Leaders: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Susan Thollaug
Music: John Ray
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors 


Concert: “You Can’t Play That in Church!”


June 24th 6:30pm
Appearances by Gage and Crystal and Napa Jazz Group Sack Lunch.
Tickets are still available at the door! Sliding Scale $10-$40 
A Fundraiser for UUCSR.


Sunday Service June 25, 2023

“The Path of Success: From Undocumented to NBOP Leader”

Karym is an immigrant from Mexico who came to this country as a child with his family. Growing up undocumented shaped Karym’s understanding of the injustices in the world and fueled his drive to be involved in community organizing. He will share his story and how it illustrates our second UU principle: Justice, equity, and compassion in human relations.
Service Leaders: Karym Sanchez, Executive Director of NBOP
Worship Associate: Judy Withee & Gage Purdy
Music: Gage Purdy
Pianist: Paul Gilger
Share the Basket: North Bay Organizing Project


Sunday Service June 18, 2023


“Deepening White Awareness”

Dismantling White Supremacy Culture. In order to dismantle something you first need to understand what the characteristics of a White Supremacy culture are. We will explore that by way of a panel of members from the Congregation as they share their thoughts and experiences. Come to learn and understand what we can do here at UUCSR
Service Leaders/Guest: Rev. Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Mark Sowers
Music: Alan Bell
Pianist: TBA
Share the Basket: 53rd Annual Sonoma County Juneteenth/MLK Celebration


Sunday Service June 11, 2023


“The Path of Delight”

What gives you delight? What is happiness? Where can we find delight even in those times of struggle? Come and explore with us the path of delight.
Alice Pham, Adrienne Swenson Award Winner will be introduced
Service Leader: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Judy Withee
Music: Sally Jones
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for our Neighbors


Pride Service June 4, 2023 7PM


“Interfaith Pride Service in the Evening”

Come Celebrate the Diversity of LGBTQ+ Community
This is an interfaith Service planned by the Santa Rosa Interfaith Ministers group.
Rev, Dave and Rev. Bev are acting as hosts for this event but the program will include speakers and participants from many other faiths.
Gage will be directing a Justice Choir which its members include individuals from many faith denominations here in Santa Rosa.
The service is an opportunity to meet supporters and friends of LGBTQA+
All are welcome!
Join online at:


Sunday Service June 4, 2023


“The History of Pride”

On June 28, 1970, on the one year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, the first Pride marches were held in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Thousands gathered and the liberation movements that have followed were a direct result of prior decades of LGBTQ+ activism and organizing.
Service Leader: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associates: Eric Fischer
Music: Gage Purdy
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for our Neighbors


UUCSR Service Auction May 20th, 2023


UUCSR Annual Service Auction Extravaganza

May 20th, 2023

“Time to Sparkle and Shine!”

The ONLINE AUCTION website is open and ready for business. 
Instructions can be found HERE
And HERE is the link to the UUCSR Auction Items
Bid early and bid often.
New items are being added all the time!
GALA DINNER TICKETS are now on sale. Purchase them at the auction table after the service. Get them early so we can project the number of participants. 
AND we are recruiting volunteers to help on auction day!