Sunday Service September 24, 2023

“Queen Esther – The Israeli Liberator”

Introduction to the Men and Women of the Old Testament. For the next several weeks the sermons will be about the lives of exceptional Old Testament leaders and what history has recorded about them. We begin with Queen Esther who saved her people from death and came to be known as a Liberator of Israel.
Service Leader/Guest: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Jonathan Choe
Music: Gage Purdy & the Choir
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Local Santa Rosa Radio KBBF 89.1, the first bilingual public radio station in the US serving the North Bay since 1973 and streaming worldwide.

Sunday Service August 13, 2023


Gardens provide life lessons. In them we find metaphors for life, death, change, persistence and much more. Today we explore the impact of gardens on one’s life journey.

Service Leader/Guest: Linda Lampson
Worship Associate: Eric Fischer
Music: Alan Bell & Sally Jones
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share The Basket: Russian Riverkeepers

Sunday Service August 20, 2023

We invite you to come experience music that will teach, inspire, and fill your soul.
Service Leaders/Guest: Rev Dave and Paul Gilger
Worship Associate: Richard Senghas
Music: Gage Purdy and The Choir
Pianist: Paul Gilger
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors

Sunday Service August 27, 2023



The mid-century Civil Rights Movement grew out of the profound conviction, religious Faith, and courage of Black people in America. It was conceived, organized, and galvanized by and within Black churches and organizations in response to hundreds of years of oppression and injustice. In 1963, people of color challenged the power of dominant white people, structures, and attitudes against overwhelming odds. What gave them the courage to put their lives on the line in the name of justice and freedom? 60 years later, in 2023 is there any issue of injustice and oppression for which we are willing to risk our lives?.

Service Leader/Guest: Rev Bev Spears
Worship Associate: Susan Thollaug
Music: Gage Purdy
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Verity

Sunday Service August 6, 2023


What are dignity and inherent worth, really?
As UUers, we believe in the inherent worth and dignity of every person, but what can we practically do daily to live this first principle?
How can we foster dignity in ourselves? 
How do we give space, so others can experience dignity?
Service Leader/Guest: Meike Mandel
Worship Associates: Jonathan Choe
Music: Gage Purdy
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for our Neighbors

Sunday Service July 30, 2023

“Lammas: Honoring the Harvest with the First Loaf”

Celebrate the first harvest on this midsummer holiday, with joyful guidance by CUUPS. We will share the First Loaf ceremoniously as a part of the Sunday service.

Service Leaders: Members of CUUPs
Worship Associate: Mark Sowers
Music: Sally Jones
Pianist: Paul Gilger
Share the Basket: Meals on Wheels

Sunday Service July 23, 2023

“How to Get to Heaven Through the Gates of Lodore”

Mix wilderness adventure and river rafting with contemplative silence and you have a powerful lesson in how to live life day to day. Together we will explore the Buddhist concepts of the divine abodes of equanimity, compassion, appreciative joy, and loving kindness.
Service Leader: Judy Withee
Worship Associate: Linda Lampson and Jonathan Choe
Music: Robert Howseman
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: TransLife

Sunday Service July 16, 2023

“Spheres of Sanctuary”

We are called to create physical, emotional, social, and spiritual sanctuary spaces for ourselves and others–to be agents of sanctuary in the wider world. Together we will look at how we create spheres of sanctuary and how to live as bastions of sanctuary in the greater community.
Service Leaders/Guest: Gage Purdy
Worship Associate: Cathie Weise
Music: Gage MC
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors


Sunday Service July 9, 2023

“Origin Stories: The Journey of the Universe”

No one knows for sure how the world and life came to be, but that doesn’t stop humans from wondering, from seeking explanations for the great mysteries of life. Ever more complex tools of scientific inquiry – like the James Webb telescope – continually add details to our origin story. What does this story mean for us humans and the inhabitants of our precious Earth? Can a sense of wonder help us face the challenges of today – and tomorrow? Let’s explore together!

“Guest” Service Leader: Rev. Susan Panttaja
Worship Associate: Eric Fischer
Music: Alan Bell
Pianist: Roger Corman
The Basket: Our own Religious Education Program


Sunday Service July 2, 2023

“What Happened at our General Assembly?”

Reflections from the Delegates who represented UUCSR at our UUA General Assembly.
Service Leaders: Rev Dave Clements
Worship Associate: Susan Thollaug
Music: John Ray
Pianist: Roger Corman
Share the Basket: Saturday Breakfast for Our Neighbors