Donations and Gifts

Legacy, Memorial and Honor Gifts

Leave your legacy, remember special people by giving to UUCSR


Legacy Gifts to our Endowment Fund

Did you know that leaving a bequest to UUCSR in your will or trust is a wonderful way to ensure your legacy with your spiritual home? You can also name UUCSR as a sole or partial beneficiary on many investment accounts or your life insurance policy.

There are a variety of planned giving options that can be tailored to your individual financial and charitable objectives. For more information about bequests and other forms of legacy giving, contact the UUCSR Administrator at  .

Memorial Gifts

Memorial contributions are a special way to pay tribute to a deceased loved one who was a UUCSR member or friend.

Questions about memorial gifts? Contact the Administrator at .

Honor Gifts

For holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other important events, charitable giving is becoming a popular alternative to tangible gifts. Commemorate these occasions with a one-time contribution to UUCSR. You and the recipient will know that you’re making a lasting impact on the world through our religious education, social justice, and other important programs.

No amount is too small! A beautiful UU-themed card will be sent to the recipient. Contact the UUCSR Administrator at to make your gift.

Gifts of Stock or Securities

Gifts of stocks and/or securities enable you to help UUCSR while realizing many important tax benefits for yourself. Please contact the UUCSR Administrator at for more information.

The Board of Trustees encourages the donation of unrestricted monetary gifts because these benefit the whole congregation.


No one ever became poor by giving.  Anne Frank