Sustaining Our Vision

Make your Sustaining Pledge 

Members and pledging friends:  We have embarked upon a Sustaining Pledge system so that when you make, or change  your pledge, the pledge will be ongoing, year after year until you change it.  You may change your pledge at any time by completing and submitting a new pledge card.

 You have three ways to make your financial commitment pledge:

  • Make your financial commitment with the Online UUCSR Pledge Card.
  • Pick up a Pledge Card in the office and drop it off or mail it back to the office.
  • Pick up/drop off a Pledge Card at the Welcome table.


More about our move to sustaining pledges:

Making It Easier Than Ever To Pledge to UUCSR

by Ellen Skagerberg 

In the new bestseller The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, author Marie Kondo notes that an over-accumulation of possessions takes up too much time – organizing, displaying, dusting, fixing, finding – space, and attention. Even as she outlines her method for discarding and organizing, she assures readers that “tidying” – or, as we Americans might say, “decluttering” – isn’t the purpose. The real goal is the unimagined life on the other side of the process, the passions that emerge once one’s house is finally “in order.”

 As Rev. Chris wrote in his February 2015 newsletter article, we want to do something like this in our Congregation’s financial life – simplifying that annual exercise known variously as the “Annual Budget Drive,” “Canvass Campaign,” or “Pledge Drive.” After each new budget is written, the Congregation’s leadership has had to scheme how to fund that budget through member pledges. So the Board begs a few visionaries and stalwarts to form a Canvass Committee, which comes up with a plan that includes a theme, newsletter articles, area captains, canvassers, a gala event, a personal visit to each member, and then several months of follow-up with the members who didn’t turn in a pledge card. Quite a cast of characters!  Quite a lot of energy expended!

 Now, I’ve been a willing and enthusiastic member of the Pledge Drive many times over. However, after a canvass campaign has finally wrapped up, I‘ve usually been too exhausted to make any other commitments for several months. Don’t get me wrong; I’ve loved the individual canvass meetings with other members. But since fundraising is not our mission or the heart of our community life, why should it consume so much of our Congregation’s energy every year?

 This year, with inspiration from another book, Making the Annual Pledge Drive Obsolete: How Churches Can Get Out of This Business Once and For All, we’re “tidying up” our process and phasing out that old model: we’ll be inviting Members and Friends to increase our financial pledges, then to sustain the vision of UUCSR by keeping these pledges ongoing until changed.

 UUCSR is a successful congregation. We’re taking care of ourselves, our community, and the next generation. We’re engaged in the spiritual, personal, and social justice activities that brought us here in the first place. Let’s take the time and energy of the old pledge drive and channel it into new ways of connecting with each other and fulfilling our future goals. The recent Congregational Survey and house meetings have helped us clarify our common vision and direction.  Let’s go that way.


Questions about your pledge or financial commitment history? Email <>.


 Generosity must be fearless, because to give freely is a mighty vulnerable thing.  Mark Ewert