Give By Text!

Vanco Payment Solutions, UUCSR’s online transaction processor, has introduced an exciting new giving opportunity called Give By Text.  One can simply text an amount to a phone number provided by Vanco, and the specified amount will be charged to one’s credit or debit card.  All Give By Text donations will go to Share The Sunday Basket.  What could be easier?

 Here are the simple steps for setting up Give By Text:

  1. Create a contact on your phone for “UUCSR Text Giving.”  The phone number is 707-785-4320.
  2. Send a text message to UUCSR Giving.  Just type an amount, beginning with a dollar sign.  For example, “$20.”  Hit Send.
  3. You will receive an automated response text, with a link the Vanco Giving By Text setup site.  Click on this link.
  4. Fill out the Web page form.  It asks for the usual information, name, address, etc.  After the basics, it will request credit/debit card information for the card you want charged for your donation.  Click Process.
  5. Your phone will receive a text receipt for your donation, and your email will get a detailed description of the transaction.
  6. For future donations, your information is on file, and all you will have to enter is a dollar amount.

This setup process will be easier at home, where privacy and quiet are more available than on Sunday at Glaser Center. 

Here are some text  tools to modify your Give-By-Text account.  To cancel today’s donation, text “#refund”.  To update your account (like when your credit card changes), text “#edit”.  Click on the link in the response, which will open a Web page to make changes.  To permanently disable text giving, text “#halt”.

Vanco’s visual presentation describing this process may be found here.