Adult Religious Education

Classes & Workshops – Winter 2017

Please sign up for all classes at the Adult RE table (unless drop in specified) or register below online. 


How to Use the Internet:
Smarter, easier, safer and with more fun!
with Deborah Wiig

Learn how to use the web smarter, easier, safer! Use the Internet with more confidence, better results, more fun and less frustration; find out about lots of cool tools, tips and resources. Learn how to more quickly and easily find exactly what you’re looking for, from the most reliable sources of information. Learn how to be safer online. Learn how to use dozens of fun and useful tools and resources that will open up a whole new world online!

We are offering two classes:

Google 101
Tuesday, April 3, 1:30-4:00 pm, Board Room, Fee: $20.

Google 101 is for you if:
* You use the internet for email and looking things up, but you know there’s more you could do if you knew how.
* You’re not clear about the terms browser, search engine and cloud.
* You may not know how to bookmark a page or copy or save from the web.

Super Google
Tue, April 10, 6:30-8:30pm, Board Room, Fee: $20.

Super Google is for you if:
* You’re comfortable on the web and you’ve got the basics, but you’ve got questions and would love to learn about lots of useful tools and tips for doing more.

Notes: Handouts provided. Demonstrations will be presented on PC. Most, but not all tools and techniques will be applicable for Mac, but may not be applicable to a tablet.
Deborah Wiig is a marketing communications specialist,, and publisher of and

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Being Mortal by Atul Gawande 
 A Book Discussion
March 15, March 22, March 29, and April 5, 7-9:00 pm
This deeply moving book will be our resource to consider attitudes towards aging and dying Being Moin our country.  Doctors are trained to keep patients alive as long as possible- but not how to help them prepare them for death. Join us for a four part discussion of this book which compares attitudes toward death and dying in the West and India and asks hard questions about how we as a culture and the medical profession in particular treat the old and the terminally ill.
Moderated by UU members Linda Lampson, UU book club coordinator who was trained by hospital chaplaincy and specialized in estate planning as a CPA,  and Helga Lemke, UU book club member.   Both are avid readers. 
Detective Fiction From Poe to Penny
Detective fiction appears in 19th-century Europe as part of urbanization, the establishment of professional police forces, and broad popular interest in scientific developments.  Class sessions will focus on its early forms, the Golden Age, the definition of the detective, and recent developments in form and focus.  The last class session will be a discussion of Deborah Crombie’s A Finer End, which class members should read if possible. Carol Daeley, who leads the class, is a retired Professor of English from Austin College in Texas with degrees from Rutgers University and the University of California, Riverside. After starting her career as a specialist in 18th-century British literature and William Blake, she became unruly and pursued teaching interests in such fields as detective fiction, World War I literature, literary and other relations between Asia and Europe, and trade history. Mondays, 2/19, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19, 3/26 at 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. 
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A Long Strange Trip:

These CDs provide a history of Unitarian and Universalist thought and practice from the early, liberal strands  at the beginning of the Christian era to what we know today as Unitarian Universalism.  You can check out copies of the DVD’s to watch at home – alone or with a group.  Limit: 3 DVD’s at a time with a 3 week time limit. Contact Adult RE committee if you’re interested. 


Who We Are

Members of the Adult Religious Education Committee are:   Rev. Chris Bell, Nadene Carroll, Phil Harriman, Sarita Hazen, Helga Lemke (Chair) , and John Speck. 

Our Purpose
Guided by the Principles and rooted in the Sources of Unitarian Universalism and the Vision and Mission of the Congregation, the Adult RE Team strengthens community and facilitates spiritual growth by offering classes, activities, programs, training of facilitators and coordination of other UUCSR activities.

Contact Us
If you would like to volunteer to help with a workshop, have an idea for a new program, or have questions, please contact any committee member or visit RE table. Classes free for workshop volunteers.