Operations Team (Ops)

Responsible for the day-to-day logistical operations of the congregation, this group comprises representatives from Finance, Building & Maintenance, Communications, Interior Space and the office volunteers. Coordinates the “Officer of the Day” on Sundays. Works closely with the administrator, the Glaser Center director and the minister.

Current Members:  Catherine McBride, John Jaffray, Kenyatta Jackson, Kirsten Olney, Pam Tennant and Peter Wilson – ops@uusantarosa.org

Meetings are held on Mondays before the first Saturday of the month, at a convenient time.

Meeting Minutes and other Sensitive Information

Building Plans, Procedures and Diagrams

UUCSR Carpet Tile Project

Door Key Numbers Ground Floor, Second Floor

Emergency Plan

Fire Extinguishers

Sanctuary Layout

Sunday Table Layout

Telecoms Point of Demarcation