Worship Associates

Love cannot remain by itself – it has no meaning.
Love has to be put into action and that action is service.
~ Mother Theresa

Worship Associates
•    help to plan future service themes
•    work with the minister to select service topics, music and readings
•    may lead services and give the message
•    usually assist at 4-5 services per year


Most weeks, Worship Associates at UUCSR create and share their personal reflections on the theme of the service.
These reflections have become a treasured part of our services. They make us laugh and cry, and invite the congregation to connect with the theme more profoundly.

Upcoming Worship Themes
September:    Ministry/Our Ministry
October:    Stages of Life
November:    War and Peace
December:    Hope in the Darkness

Are You Interested in Being a Worship Associate? If you

  • have been a member of UUCSR for at least one year – have a desire to create inspiring and transcendent worship
  • are patient, flexible and responsible – have the ability to connect with others
  • are comfortable speaking to large groups

        – please speak to our minister, Rev. Chris Bell. 


For Worship Associates Only

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