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September 19th, 10:30 am

SERVICE LEADERS: Rev. Julie Brock and Era Capone
with Worship Associate Richard Senghas
MUSIC: Roger Corman


We harvest what we plant. Each year during harvest time, we dig up that which we planted the year before. Those of us who don’t harvest grain or vegetables still have things come up in our lives that are the result of the seeds we’ve planted – be those seeds intentions, relationships, or projects. What could be possible if we were as intentional about our planting as those who sow seeds? What could next year’s harvest look like if we think about what will nourish us this time next year, and actively seek it?

Staying Safe During COVID

Currently, the indoor mask mandate remains in force. Weekly updates will continue as the situation evolves. This week, we are staying the course:
  • All individuals age 2 and up are required to wear masks indoors. Masks will be provided at the front and back doors for anyone who didn’t bring one.
  • Speakers and singers on the chancel will remain masked except while presenting, during which time they will wear a face shield.
  • Anyone singing or speaking on the chancel at the same time will be 6 feet apart.
  • Congregational singing will be done masked.
  • Choral singing is on hold for the time being.
  • The back door of the Sanctuary, behind the sound board, will be kept open.
  • Refreshment service will be on hold again this Sunday. Please do socialize outside following services at your leisure, but maintain at least 6 feet of distance from members outside your household if you are not wearing a mask.
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