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Thank You for Your Letters of Support During the Fires

Mid-April, 2018: Six months ago, the ravages of fire rocked our community and forever changed lives in our UUCSR and Santa Rosa community. And six months ago, many of our fellow UU congregations showed their concern by sending caring thoughts along with monetary contributions to our Fire Fund. One such congregation was the UU Community Church of Santa Monica, CA. They collected Messages of Love and Support from their members, bound them in a folder and sent them on their way to us. As is obvious from reading the Press Democrat, our community is still in trauma as we try to overcome the various obstacles to rebuilding. And as many of us know, our sense of loss may become even more acute as time goes on.  These words of concern from our UUSM comrades resonate with us today, just as they did last October. You can read them here: Messages of Love and Support

Natalie Brundred,

President UUCSR Board of Trustees

A Message From Our Stewardship Team