Due to current health situation:

Sunday Service  1/9/2022-2/11/2022 will be on zoom only.

We hope you will join us!

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*Sunday January 23, 2022 Service Information HERE *


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Staying Safe During COVID

Updated COVID policy as of 1/20/22

For details of the policy click here: HERE


UUCSR COVID-19 Vaccine Policy for In-Person Gatherings

updated 1/20/2022

Whereas, we are in a global public health emergency due to COVID-19, and

Whereas, we want all our congregants, employees, and visitors to be safe, and

Whereas, we believe in the interconnected web of being and that what we do as individuals affects our entire community, and

Whereas, in addition to worship services, we host a number of community meetings, events, and services, therefore

UUCSR requires a COVID-19 vaccination for persons 5 years of age and older before entering the interior spaces at 545 and 547 Mendocino Avenue. Persons complying with this provision must be able to show evidence of a COVID-19 vaccination upon request . 

In lieu of proof of COVID-19 vaccination, said persons must have had a negative COVID-19 test in the 24 hours prior to building entry, and must be able to show evidence of the negative C0VID-19 test upon request.

In addition to the above, employees must provide proof of vaccination prior to their first day of work or by September 20, 2021. In lieu of COVID-19 vaccination, employees must submit evidence of twice weekly COVID-19 testing to their supervisor.

To see previous services, visit the UUCSR Youtube channel.

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